Update: The podcast returns!

An update about the return of the podcast.

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[Gentle theme music]

Laura: Hi everyone, it’s your storyteller Laura with an exciting update: Patchwork Fairy Tales is returning! I have moved into a new home, searched my feelings, done some editing, and I have decided what to do next on the podcast. Until I have some new original fairy tales I will be recording an publishing new types of content. For instance:

  • Patchwork Fantasy Tales. The same type of original content you’re used to, but a bit more fantasy than fairy tale, which will give me a bit more freedom.
  • Fix-It Fairy Tales. Thanks to Sundapple for the name! “More kindness, more consent and more inclusivity!” Retellings of classic fairy tales that could do with some fixing.
  • Patchwork Fantasy Ficlets. Short pieces of original fantasy that show a single scene or idea rather than a full story, like the Patchwork Fantasy Snippets I uploaded as specials before.

I will not be keeping to my old ‘every other wednesday’ schedule, instead I’ll just upload whenever I can. That way I won’t burn myslef out and I can keep telling stories to you all at my own pace. Because it really makes me happy. And speaking of happy, thank you all so much for listening. And to the Tumblr crowd: thanks to all of you who like and reblog the episodes. It warms my heart and I read all your tags.

An extra special thank you to Zora, Stefan, Jennifer, Nestingcat, Grumpysunlight, Randomnebula, Mica, Iiping, Cherry, Cerulean-s3rpent, Lilikoi, and the four anonymous beings who sent me lovely messages. And to Kklloolleellppll, Nymphlings and Eliza-1832, who left reviews on Apple Podcasts. You’re all amazing. Lastly, Andy and Xan, thank you so much for your monthly support on Ko-Fi. You used your voting privileges to vote for dragons, and dragons you shall get! So stay tuned everyone, guard your name, and you’ll hear from me soon.

[Music fades]

Image of the Patchwork Fairy Tale dragon from the podcast logo.

Copyright Laura Simons, please do not copy my stories without my permission, lest you insult the fae.

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