Short Stories

I mainly write short stories, most of them for my podcast Patchwork Fairy Tales. All those stories can also be read in full on this website, in the form of the episode transcripts. A complete overview of all the stories featured on Patchwork Fairy Tales can be found here.

Not all my stories fit the fairy tale vibe of the podcast though. While I also post stories on my Tumblr blog, my short stories are most easily read on my Archive of Our Own account. The best of my Tumblr writing is archived there, and it is the primary home of my fairy tale rewrites and mythology fanfiction.

A selection of my stories:

  • That Which Lingers

    Noah didn’t appreciate people lying in wait for him at his home, and he hated to be called a necromancer, but the unrestrained fear in Damiri’s eyes had been enough to make him hesitate. And then the love had changed his mind.
    He had met several empaths since the time he learned to pick up on other people’s magic, some of them extremely bad at shielding themselves, but he had never felt that much love pouring out of a single person. Nor that much terror.

  • Hotel Olympus (WIP)

    The worship of Greek Gods is going through a bit of a renaissance of late, but since appropriate temples for them to safely manifest on earth are still in very short supply, Hotel Olympus provides a place for them to stay whenever the gods feel the need to make an appearance.
    Charlie is the new front of house manager. She has excellent training and experience. What she doesn’t have is the faintest interest in or knowledge of Greek Mythology. But a job’s a job and guests are guests and by all means, if sir and madam want a bowl of fresh pomegranates brought up to the bridal suite she’ll see to it that it happens immediately. She’s dealt with way worse.

  • And they were flatmates (WIP)

    In which a human named Yule tries to peacefully cohabit with a werewolf and a vampire and a witch named Tomek is an extremely amused accidental witness to how bad a job they are doing.

  • Prince Snow White

    Or: what if Snow White was a prince, the Evil Queen was an absolute jerk of a king and the seven dwarves were seven robbers, so the runaway prince gets to be a highwayman?