Regency Stories

I may primarily write urban fantasy, but I also have a great fondness for Jane Austen. So much so that I write retellings of her works as well as my own Regency stories:

A Seaside Reel

Or: What if Jane Austen had selkies in it?

This short fantasy story has 13000 words of Regency romance, including:

  • The daring fashion of wearing a fur cape in summer
  • Returning a lost pelisse
  • Crying seven tears into the sea
  • Drawing-room dancing
  • Sea bathing
  • Duets after dinner
  • And many completely accidental meetings on the beach

Fullerton Parsonage

No one in search of a hero, would ever have thought to look twice at Henry Tilney. He may have begun rather promising, being born as the second son of a stern military man whose abode went by the forbidding name of Northanger Abbey, but from this point on both Henry’s circumstances and disposition were entirely against him…

A full retelling of Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey”, told from the perspective of Henry Tilney.

Henry Tilney is my favourite Austen hero and I spent a tremendous amount of time staying as close to Austen’s style as possible to tell his side of this story. My sister provided all her historical knowledge and I took every opportunity to dwell extra long on the happy moments shared between Catherine, Eleanor and Henry that Austen chooses to paraphrase.

Not everyone likes using a specific platform, so I will also provide direct download links for the ePub, PDF and Mobi versions of this book. It’s very hard for me to keep track of those, however. So if you decide to download it that way, a comment below would be even more appreciated than it already is! And if you’re feeling generous, please review it on Goodreads!

18 thoughts on “Regency Stories

  1. Eliza says:

    I’m so happy you converted this into an ebook. This was by far the best Austen fanfic I have ever read (including those published as books). I would definitely recommend this to any Northanger Abbey fan.

  2. Camille says:

    I have just finished reading this amazing retelling of the story and I loved it! It was very quirky and had me laugh at loud several times! You may have managed to make Henry Tilney my favorite!

  3. bluedreaming says:

    Just a quick note that I’ve downloaded the ebook. Thanks for making it available independently! (I find it easier to read with very specific settings that aren’t available on platform-locked apps.) Really appreciated!
    Since you may be interested to know, I’m here from the rec center newsletter (issue 305).

    1. Website icon showing a digitally drawn portrait of Laura Simons.
      Laura Simons says:

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment! The fandom grapevine had told me about the newsletter, I’m stoked someone thought to include me. I’m glad having a non-app ebook is helpful and I really hope you enjoy it!

  4. Ana says:

    OMG! I’ve been dying to find a fanfic of this novel from Henry’s perspective, you’re great keep up the good work ☺️

  5. Maria says:

    Hello there! I downloaded the pdf! I am excited to read this! I usually read in dark mode, so the pdf is taking some getting used to, but I am determined! Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Olga says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing work! Henry and Catherine are my favourite couple, and it is a great pleasure to read something more about them, especially so well-written.

  7. Danielle says:

    This was lovely! I’m a big fan of Catherine and Henry, and was delighted to find your story! The prose, the word play, the characterizations, and the humor were spot-on; it felt like reading Jane Austen. I like the book format of the PDF too as opposed to reading on AO3 like I normally do. I was disappointed finding so few fanworks after finishing Northanger Abbey and liking it so much, so this was a serendipitous treat!

  8. Jasmine.Rosalie says:

    I hunted down this fic again after like four years, and when I found out it was an ebook I literally gasped in delight. I’m leaving a comment because I’m downloading the epub file.

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