Patchwork Fairy Tales Podcast

The Patchwork Fairy Tale Logo. It shows a red dragon sleeping on a hill made from a green patchwork blanket. To the right stands a tower made from a spool of thread.

Welcome to Patchwork Fairy Tales! A podcast and collection of inclusive fairy tales and fantasy stories written and recorded to spread old magic in a new way.

You want single fathers, pansexual princesses, found families, sapphic dragons, sword wielding ladies and asexual heroes? Then you’ve come to the right place!

You can stream every episode on this website, find them all on LibSyn, and on most podcasting apps! Sadly I am no longer able to host my podcast on Spotify, because of their new terms of service.

Fairy tales are among the things I love most in this world, but as I grew up and the world changed, I really felt the need to give this old format some new input. That’s what I do with Patchwork Fairy Tales.

Looking for a story? Check out the following pages:

  • Transcripts. Full transcripts of every episode are available as blog posts on this website, alongside a download and streaming link. All these posts are collected here.
  • Summaries. Short descriptions of every episode, including links to their transcript. You can see the full overview here.
  • Themes. Every transcript is tagged with themed tags that will help you find types of stories, characters of relationships. A full list of these tags can be found here.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me get this podcast up and running ❤️