Folklore & Fantasy Blog

My Tumblr blog Laurasimonsdaughter is the home of all my rambles about folklore, but also the primary place where I post short bits of urban fantasy writing and interact with readers in writing games.

If you want to read about magical coworkers, werewolves who grew up with cats, homesick vampires and modern fae, plus the occasional tangent on why mermaids from Dutch and Scottish folklore would absolutely not get along this blog is a very good place to check out.

Here are some linked categories of posts to get you started:

  • #laura drabbles – Short pieces of (urban fantasy) writing, mostly under 1000 words.
  • #laura babbles – Rambles, explanations, and answers to questions about folklore.
  • #laura tumbles – Original content in typical Tumblr format, like bullet point lists or jokes.
  • #urban fantasy professionals – All drabbles that have to do with modern professionals mixing with fantasy or folklore.
  • #magisowo – Answers to questions sent in by readers, from the perspective of a Magically Informed Social Work team operating in an urban fantasy world.
  • #the domestic dragon trust – Posts and answers to applications and question about the adoption of service dragons and pocket dragons, from the perspective of volunteers from the Domestic Dragon Trust.