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The cover of the ebook Coffee and Faerie Cakes by Laura Simons. It shows the front door to a little café. Cakes can be seen through the rose tinted windows and purple wisteria flowers drape down from above partially covering the door.

Coffee and Faerie Cakes

Nowadays hardly anyone notices if you’re of faerie descent and Jeanne has no trouble whatsoever running a nice little café in Paris.
They keep their magic in check, save the occasional splash of comfort in the coffee or a dusting of joy on the pastries, and are happy with simply observing their mortal customers without ever giving themself away.
At least that’s how it was, before a young man waltzed in who is just a bit too pretty and definitely a bit too light-fingered.

Rule number one: never steal from a faerie.

In November 2019 I published my first ebook: Coffee and Faerie Cakes!

It’s free to download on loads of websites, so if you’d like to read a cute romance between a curious nonbinary faerie running a little café and a charming trans boy with knowledge of magic and thieving fingers, give it a try!

If you cannot get the book in a format that works for you via any of the listed platforms, you can download a file directly from me here:

The first chapter of this book has been read aloud as a special episode on my podcast Patchwork Fairy Tales!

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging

This wonderful anthology full of wondrous stories will feature one of my flash fiction pieces! It’s a little ghost story, one of my personal favourites, and it will be featured among an entire book full of stories about likeable cryptids. Two entire books actually, because there will be two volumes!

I’m overjoyed to be included in this work. The publisher, Improbable Press, specifically asked for “dark cheer, which means creepy but kind, eerie but elegant, spooky but sexy, it means generally-positive stories of weird beings coming into their own” and I’m so excited to read all the other stories they’ve collected!

The volume I feature in, Volume Blue, will be published in December 2021, the second one, Volume Silver in February 2022, but they are both available for preorder as hardback, paperback and e-book right here:

They’re gonna have kelpies and changelings and jackalopes and they are going straight into my book hoard as soon as they are printed 💜

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  1. Stella says:

    This is literally soo wonderful and soo beautiful that, especially towards the ending, I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

  2. Faye says:

    Loved listening to this on the Patchwork Fairytale Podcast – I love the whole podcast, in fact! It just makes me so happy to listen to these tales.

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