The stories in this podcast were written and recorded by me, but I had a lot of help getting this podcast up and running:

All my fairy tales are always first told to and then extensively betaed by my sister, who has been my first audience ever since I started telling my own stories instead of just listening to my family’s.

These stories would never have ended up in a podcast format without my friend Amanda, though, who was kind enough to pass some of her radio magic onto me.

All the artwork on this website, including the adorable cover art for Patchwork Fairy Tales, has been created delightfully talented friend Débora Cabral.

And the fact that this website is anything like it is now, is thanks to my extremely helpful friends Yoni and Sophie, and my husband, who wields the power of CSS.

I am also infinitely grateful for all the friends and acqaintances that agreed to be sensitivity readers for me when I was writing about experiences too far removed from my own to be certain of doing them justice!

Lastly, credit for the theme music that can be heard at the beginning and end of every episode goes to composer Kai Engel. The song is called “Holiday Gift” and is part of his collection of Creative Commons music.